While our roofs obviously protect our home’s interior, their well-being also has a massive role to play in our quality of life and finances. When you replace your roof, there are six key benefits you may not expect:

  1. Increased energy efficiency
    • Most modern roofs are more energy efficient, regardless of the materials used, thanks to improvements in architecture and technology. For example, older roofs use materials that absorb heat rather than reflect it. While your insulation helps mitigate this, there will still be a transference of heat into your attic, making your A/C work harder. Modern roofs take this into account and often offer relief to your energy bill.
  2. Maintaining insurance coverage
    • Most companies offer limited-to-no coverage on roofs older than 20 years. This obviously plays a significant role in your insurance coverage and is worth looking into if your roof is getting up in years.
  3. Impressive curb appeal
    • One of the most visible points of your property is your roof. Shopping for a roof that is a visual upgrade as well as a performance upgrade will definitely make you stand out amongst the neighbors.
  4. More savings longterm
    • Of course, all roofs will suffer wear and tear over the years. But if you find yourself making repair after repair, it might be time to replace – and save yourself the yearly maintenance bill that will only increase. Your trusted roofing company can help you evaluate what your best plan of action would be, if you think this may be your situation.
  5. Upping your home value
    • Roof replacements historically hold a strong return on investment. It’s one of the first things homebuyers check into when considering a home. A new roof often means better offers.
  6. Enjoying your home
    • We see this especially to be true in homes that had quite an old roof previously. Because of technological advancements, a new roof means better ventilation and temperature control, as well as fun features that modern roofs offer. 

In conclusion –

If replacing your roof wasn’t on your radar previously but you resonate with some of these points, it’s absolutely worth a deeper conversation. Weigh the pros and cons with your roofing contractor and they will be able to lead you in the right direction. If you’re looking for guidance, 

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