One of our frequently asked questions when it comes to home maintenance has been, can you pressure wash your roof? While it’s a satisfying way to clean stains and buildup on many surfaces like brick, block, and stone, we do not recommend pressure washing your roof as a cleaning mechanism. 

It’s a powerful tool that could easily damage your roof, as well as blast into any cracks or holes, causing water damage in your home. This is extremely important for those who have asphalt shingles, as the forceful water could deteriorate the granules much faster and weaken their integrity. The pressure washer also blasts dirt and sediment into the air, so while your roof might be cleaner, that dirt will end up in another section of your roof or in your gutters, causing a different set of problems. 

If you have moss or mold in your line of sight on your roof, you may still be tempted to pressure wash them away. But in those situations, it’s better to use a low pressure combined with a cleaning solution to remove the staining. This won’t damage the lifespan of your shingles like a high-pressure washer would. Plus, it would be clunky to try to get a pressure washer onto your roof, creating a potential fall risk for yourself. 

So, what is the best way to clean your roof?

  • If you’re dealing with leaves, moss, and dirt, try a leaf blower to sweep the debris away. 
  • If you’re dealing with mold stains, use a garden spray nozzle and non-toxic chemicals to work away those gross streaks. 

It should be noted that an unattractive roof might be a sign that it needs to be replaced, not cleaned. You may not even need to replace the entire thing, but just the worst sections. Your trusted roof advisor can help you determine what your best plan of action is for your home and your wallet.

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