5 Causes For Leaking Roofs

Upon inspection after the winter months, you may have noticed signs of a leaking roof. Without a professional, it can be tricky to track down the cause. Here are the five most common causes for leaking roofs in Minnesota.

  1. Standing Water, Snow & Ice
    • If you have a flat roof, you’re more susceptible to water damage from snow and ice, as the water has no place to go.
  2. Age
    • No matter the type of roof, your roof does need to be cared for over time. The best thing you can do is have it regularly inspected and catch any problems right away.
  3. Inferior Building Materials
    • Do you know how your roof was made? Inferior building materials will not serve you well over time. Your roof inspection will help you determine your next steps.
  4. Poor Maintenence
    • Please don’t let your roof sit unattended for decades. Maintenance is a key factor in your roof’s life expectancy and preventing damage to your home.
  5. Roof Vent Problems
    • Cracked vents will leak water into your home. While caulk is a good short-term solution, it won’t hold up in our climate. It’s best to have them replaced all-together.