5 Things to Do For Summer Roof Maintenance

Here in Minnesota, we’re so used to preparing our homes for the brunt of the winter season with its snow, ice, and wind. But, summer can cause stress on our homes, too! The blazing sun, summer storms, and various critters all play a part in wearing down our roofs. We recommend homeowners inspect their property a few times each season to catch any problems before they become emergencies.

Here’s a quick checklist you can take out this weekend to see if there are any larger items that need to be addressed:

Roof Checklist For The Summer

  1. Check for mold. Mold damage is fast acting and brutal, especially when you combine a wet season with high humidity. Call Les Jones Roofing right away if you spot mold so we can come and make a quick repair.
  2. Check sealants to make sure they’re holding up well. This will protect you from weather, bugs, and leaks. It will also increase the efficiency of keeping your home cool.
  3. Check to see if your eaves and overhangs have water stains. These stains are a sign of a much bigger problem – water damage inside your home, from your ceiling to the walls to the electrical system.
  4. Check for any places that may be susceptible to storm damage. Here’s a post on how to prepare for summer storms.
  5. Check your attic ventilation. This is important for keeping your home cool during the summer, as well as combating humidity and mold growth.

We offer a variety of services throughout the Twin Cities for homeowners that need help solving various roofing problems. If you’re looking for a quote, feel free to get in touch! Or, read our other blog posts for additional tips.