Benefits of Hiring a Local Roof Contractor

Your roof protects the thing you care about the most – your family and your home. When it comes time to look for a contractor for roofing fixes or updates, Google presents you with a lot of options. Finding the right fit can feel overwhelming when starting your search from scratch.

There’s a reason our team at Les Jones Roofing is so proud to live local and work local in the surrounding areas of Minneapolis for the past 40+ years. Here are a few reasons we think working with a local roof contractor is important.

Easy to check references, licenses, and insurance

When you work with a local contractor, it’s easier to verify the reputation of the company. When you choose a company like ours, which have been in business for 40+ years, there are many completed projects similar to your needs that you can visit and see the work for yourself.

From a technical standpoint, verifying license and insurance info can also be easier when working with a local business.

Knowing Building Codes & Permits

Home build regulations vary from city to city. Local business also means a good understanding of local building codes and permits. This type of knowledge means you can rest easy when it comes to inspection time, as they are kept up to date on the latest changes and pass that information along to each member of their team.

Any Weather. Any Season – We’re Here for You

A local roofing company is there for you through it all. Need help with documentation after a storm? Can’t find your warranty information? Have a roofing emergency? These are all excellent reasons to call your roofing contractor, but only a local one is likely to be able to serve you right away with all the documentation at their fingertips. If you were to work with a company from out-of-state, it would simply take them longer to get to your job, and you don’t want to delay when it comes to a damaged roof.

We take pride in our work and community

We live and work in these neighborhoods. That means we understand the demanding weather conditions and recommend solutions that are tailored to you.

Nothing brings us more pride than knowing the work we’ve done is built to last and helps protect the communities we admire.

If you’d like to chat with a premiere, local roofing company, drop us a line. We would love to serve you.