How to Pick A Roof Color For Your Home

If you’re getting ready to re-roof your home, you may have considered updating the color of the roof! Choosing a new roof color could enhance the appearance of your home, and boost your curb appeal. If you’re on the fence, it may help to think of the roof as the canvas to express your personal home style. There’s such a wide range of colors and styles to roof nowadays that you have the opportunity to choose something unique. Here are a few steps to start that process:

Step 1: Observe

Drive around different neighborhoods and take note of the colors people have used for their homes. How does the siding of the house look with the roof? What about the shutters, the garage, or the front door? Do you like contrast, or prefer to stay in the same color tone?

The most popular roof colors for 2022 are:

  • black
  • dark grey
  • light grey
  • light brown hues, such as taupe, desert, sand
  • dark brown hues, such as bark, wood, and autumn brown

Step 2: Discuss With Your Roofing Company

Consult with your contractor on what they would recommend, and the quality of the materials. Ask for a brochure on the color of shingles they use. Compare with what you’ve observed, and start to narrow down your selection.

Step 3: Test Out The Color

Ask for a large sample of your top selections, and take it around the exterior of your home to see how it looks with the other elements of your house – the front door, the garage, the windows, and the deck or porch. You want to coordinate the color of your roof with the other colors of your exterior so they don’t clash but raise the curb appeal.

Make sure you do this at different points of the day, as the morning light can look very different from the afternoon light. You want to make sure you love the color in both!

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