Hail Damage

Strong storms swept through the area last night. According to MPR News reports of 1″-2″ hail were common. Some of the worst hit areas were the south west metro including Bloomington MN, Edina MN, and Eden Prairie MN. We hope everyone is safe and gets their power back quickly if you are one of the many without. After you’re safe and secure, it might be time to have a roofing professional look at your roof and determine if there is hail damage on the shingles.
What is roofing hail damage?
There are many kinds of roofs and many ways that roofs can be damages. The most common is the asphalt shingle. This is often hard to recognize because the damage is subtle to the untrained eye. The granules on the shingle have two function. Most obvious is that they give the shingles their color, but most important is that they protect the asphalt from the sun and the elements. When hail is large enough, typically starting at 1″+, the granules get knocked off by the hail. A shingle that is missing granules is no longer working how it was designed to and will deteriorate at an advanced pace. This damage is exactly what insurance we have insurance for.