Roof Warranties – Are They Worth It?

A good roof will last for decades, but a lot will happen over those next 50 or so years. Anything from weather to the quality of your materials wearing out. As you’re installing a new roof, or moving into a new home, roof warranties will be a topic of conversation.

Not all warranties are created equal so it’s important to know what to look for… we’ve outlined a place for you to get started.

3 Types Of Roof Warranties

  1. The standard product limited warranty covers material defects only and is offered automatically by most manufacturers. This is where you hear the term ‘prorated’ coverage linked to certain types of product failure.
  2. The system warranty (which results in an extended warranty) offers more comprehensive coverage and a longer timeframe, but can only be offered by select roofing companies (like us!) when specific criteria are met during installation. 
  3. Workmanship warranties are offered by the roofing company directly and cover the quality and accuracy of the labor.

Standard Product Limited Warranties

The Standard Product warranties typically only cover defective shingles and do not cover normal wear from age.  The good news – just about every architectural shingle now comes with a product warranty by default. The bad news is that these warranties do not cover the cost of the labor and often only cover the cost of the materials for the first 10 years (after which – you’ll receive a prorated cost). 

System Warranties (Extended Warranties)

System Warranties offer significantly better coverage than Standard Product warranties because they cover the cost of a new roof, including material and labor, extending far beyond the 10-year mark where proration usually begins. The warranties offered by our manufacturers are impressive: 45-50 years

System warranties come at an extra cost, which is based on the square footage of the home, and must be purchased through an installer that has earned the product certification designation from the manufacturer.

How Can I Get An Extended Warranty?

Your roofing installer, must meet several rigid requirements:

1. The roof must be installed by a Certified Contractor 

2. The roof system must contain at least 3-5 qualifying components (the same brand as the shingles) to qualify as a “roofing system”.  All products must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

3. The new roof must be installed over a clean, ventilated deck which covers the entire structure.

Rest assured. At Les Jones, You’re Always Covered!

When you hire us for a full roof replacement, we automatically include Les Jones 10 year Waterproof Warranty. 

As a certified contractor for both Certainteed and GAF products, every roof we install meets each manufacturer’s criteria qualifying your roof for the extended warranty of your choosing.

A warranty that keeps on giving.  Not to worry if you decide to move. An extended warranty can add to your home’s resale value and is transferable to the next owner! 

At the end of the day, the right roof warranty is a reflection of the roofing company you are working with. 

Reputable, experienced roofing companies that provide a full roof replacement will want to make it easy for you to be fully covered and help make it easy for you to solve any problems should there be any issues that arise in the future.

If you’re looking for an experienced roofing company in the Twin Cities, we have served hundreds of home owners over the years with roof replacement, repair and gutter installation. You can view our work here.