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At Les Jones, we do a lot more than install exceptional roofing.

We offer a host of other services and specialty products that will keep your home looking great and in tip top shape.


Are you preparing to sell your home or business? Maybe you're just curious about the health of your roof? Either way our inspections are an easy & affordable way to steer clear of unwanted roofing surprises.


Storm damage is unsettling enough, but dealing with insurance claims can be an even bigger hassle. We'll work with your insurance company to get your claim processed and your property repaired... quickly and easily.


We have a wide variety of roofing materials to chose from, including tile, metal and asphalt. The right materials will enhance the functionality of your home, while adding value and beauty.


We install a variety of rain gutter systems to enhance the functionality and look of your roof system. We'll also take on the messy job or keeping them clean for you!


Ice dams are a common problem in Minnesota. We offer snow removal services to prevent dams from forming, but if you do have an ice dam we are well equipped to remedy the situation. We can also help repair any damage the dams may have caused.


Leaky roofs can cause serious damage to your home. Take action before moisture begins to build up within the walls of your home. We'll get your home fixed up in no time.


Les Jones Roofing is leading the charge among Minnesota roofers by making a commitment to take care of the environment for us and future generations. We do this by minimizing what goes into the landfill and maximizing what gets recycled. And, the cost to recycle roofing debris is no more than the cost to dispose of it.


Rooftops require routine maintenance, similar to getting your car tuned up. Don't wait until there is a visible problem. A little maintenance can save you money & headaches over the long haul.