Do you know what kind of roof design you have? Maybe you weren’t even aware there are several types to choose from! The style of your roof not only affects the aesthetic, look and feel, but also impacts the overall value of your property and what maintenance will include. 
If you’re building your home, working with your roofer to determine what kind of roof will best fit your needs is a wise choice. Forming that relationship with a trusted roofing advisor will ensure that, should any problems arise down the road, they already know the whole backstory of your home.
If you’re replacing a roof, or having regular maintenance done, work with your roofer to answer any questions you may have on the design of your roof and how to take advantage of the various benefits. 
Now, let’s dive into the three most common roof designs and why we love each one. 
Hip Roof
Simply put, this is a four-sided roof. Oftentimes, this style is combined with others to create unique designs. There are also three different kinds of hip roofs: regular, half, and cross-hip. 
Hip Roof Advantages:
      • These roofs have good wind resistance due to their aerodynamics and hold up well under heavy rain and snow (great for us Minnesotans!)

      • They can accommodate wraparound gutters

      • They provide great ventilation and efficient drainage

      • Good curb appeal

      • They encourage a livable attic space

    Gable Roof
    This is a classic roof design, commonly done with shingles. It’s your typical pitched triangular roof that you see on many houses in suburban areas. They’re versatile in terms of materials you can use to construct, so there is a lot of flexibility in terms of look and feel.
    Gable Roof Advantages:
        • They’re relatively easy to construct

        • They create reasonable attic spaces with lots of natural light

        • They’re a great budget-friendly roof option

        • They provide efficient drainage

      Flat Roof
      Don’t let the name deceive you – these roofs aren’t completely flat! There is still some pitching and sloping to allow for proper drainage and weight distribution under heavy snow. 
      Flat Roof Advantages:
          • They’re relatively inexpensive since they don’t use as much material as other roof designs

          • They’re also easy to install

          • They provide you with extra outdoor space

          • They’re easy to inspect and maintain

          • They’re a great choice for a more modern look

          • If you were interested in solar panels, a flat roof would be a great option 

        Les Jones can help you select the best possible roof design for your home. Reach out if you’d like to set up a consultation!

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